Foundation Repair Process

Foundations shift, crack and fail when they are unevenly lifted by expansive soil, or the soil fails to provide adequate support.

Nine direct causes of foundation problems:Foundation Repair

  1. Clay soil expansion and contraction
  2. Excessive watering
  3. Poor drainage -land sloping towards the house
  4. Intense sun and drying heat
  5. Inadequate watering – soil pulls away from the foundation
  6. Extensive landscaping with trees and shrubs
  7. Poor clay soil compaction
  8. Inadequate foundation building codes
  9. Retainer wall movement or failure


Concrete Pier 3Home Savers Foundation Repair Inc. won’t use a “one answer fits all” approach to fix your home foundation problems. We utilize the newest and latest foundation repair technology & equipment that the industry has to offer. We provide state of the art, custom service in foundation repair and wall stabilization to all of our customers.

Foundation settling and shifting can be caused by building a structure on expanding or contracting soil, improperly compacted fill soils, or from poor or erroneous maintenance of the earth around the foundation. Whatever the cause of a settling foundation, this can ruin a building’s value and even render it unsafe or unlivable.

Home Savers Foundation Repair Inc. stabilizes failing or settling foundations, repairs cracked walls, cracked concrete slabs, and reinforces settling foundations with our proven, and fully warranted engineered pier foundation systems.

Free Estimates for Foundation Repair

During our free on-site evaluation of your home, we not only look at the foundation but any outside issues that can affect your foundation.  Some of those issues can include poor irrigation, plumbing issues, too much or too little moisture in the soil, tree roots and many other issues. We promise to only place piers where you currently need them along with tips and solutions to keep you home stabilized. Seldom do we encounter foundations that need piers or underpinning around the entire home’s foundation. While we sometimes encounter unforeseen problems, such as a structurally weak foundation, we pride ourselves in making certain that there are ‘no surprises’ with the cost of your foundation repair project.

We strive to be thorough from the very beginning. Every home, multi-family dwelling and commercial building is different, so we never try to apply a “one answer fits all’ pricing structure when determining the cost of your foundation repair. We will help you select the most cost effective foundation repair method for your problem.

Whether you are in need of foundation repair, root barriers or french drains ,Home Savers Foundation Repair Inc’s. certified installers will do the job right the first time. Our  estimators can assist you with preliminary project design, and provide the technical support you can rely on. If you’re experiencing settling foundations, cracks in drywall, sagging floor joists, broken beams, a sinking slab, crawl space issues ,cracked slab or  your home was built on unsuitable foundation soils, Home Savers Foundation Repair , Inc.has the solution for your problem. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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